Vendor Survey

Advanced Metal Etching Provides Photoetching of Thin Metal Parts

Vendor Survey for Part Etching Processing and Procedures

This is a supplier acceptance survey. It is our intention to achieve a survey of your company, without inconveniencing your productive time. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to answer this questionnaire as accurately as possible about your part etching processing. Please check the answer box that most accurately describes your answer. If no answers best describe your photo etching processing, please write any notations near the subject. You may fax your response to 260-894-4190 or email to:

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A. What type of supplier are you to Advanced Metal Etching?

B. Do you have a Quality System in place? Yes No

if so, please choose one of the following and return a copy of the current certificate with the survey.
ISO 9001:2000
ISO (Other)
QA Manual
Certificate #
If you are certified in QS or ISO, you need NOT fill out the rest of the survey. Please provide your certificate number.
1. Is there a quality system? Yes No
Is it documented? Yes No
Is one in the process of being designed? Yes No
There is no system and no intention of creating one.
2. Does a Quality Manual exist? Yes No
Does it define responsible authorities and their effect on Quality? Yes No
No manual exists, but one is being created.
3. Do you have a documented procedure for dealing with non conformities? Yes No
Are non conformities reviewed, analyzed, and communicated to Advanced Metal Etching? Yes No
Are written responses returned in an appropriate time frame? Yes No
4. Is there a Quality department? Yes No
Who do they report to?
5. Do you have documented and scheduled upper management meetings to review the quality effectiveness? Yes No
6. Do you review contracts at the time of acceptance? Yes No
Do you match purchase orders against the request for part numbers, material specs, or design? Yes No
No verification is needed because it is for "reference only".
7. Do you perform audits on your processes and procedures? Yes No
Are the audits documented for review? Yes No
No, we do not audit processes or procedures, but do document required changed.
8. Are there documented procedures and work instructions? Yes No
Verbal training is all that is required.
Customer's documents is all that is needed by our employees.
9. Do you have a documented procedure for calibration of measuring equipment? Yes No
Are calibration dates, issues, and re-calls documented? Yes No
Are calibrated devices traceable to national standards and is the verification on file? Yes No
10. Is purchased material inspected upon receipt? Yes No
Is the inspection documented? Yes No
Spot checks are scheduled at certain intervals.
No incoming inspection is required for our process.
11. Do you use SPC to monitor and control your process? Yes No
12. Are all products and materials inspected and documented prior to shipping? Yes No
13. Is your handling, packaging, and shipping adequate to preserve the quality during shipment? Yes No
Are you willing to meet a customer's packaging and shipping requirements if it is not part of your normal process? Yes No
14. Do you have a procedure for identifying and segregating nonconforming material/product? Yes No
Do you perform root cause analysis to resolve a nonconforming issue? Yes No
Do you perform corrective action to verify the resolution of a nonconformance? Yes No
15. Do you have a system to review current and revised document during your process? Yes No
Do you have a master list of documents and current revisions? Yes No
16. Do you rate your supplier's based on a performance level? Yes No
Would you welcome a representative from Advanced Metal Etching to perform an on-site visit? Yes No
17. Do you have a system to monitor Advanced Metal Etching's requests/orders? Yes No
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