Benefits of Using Photo Etching for Thin, Complex Metal Parts

Photo etching precision metal parts, chemical etching and processing thin metal parts.

High Quality Tooling with Photo Chemical Machining from Advanced Metal Etching

Advanced Metal Etching can produce high quality, precision metal parts that are often too costly, difficult, or even impossible to produce using other methods. All of our tooling is computer-generated using CAD programs. This precise photographic process is much faster and economical than mechanical methods that require a long lead time and sizeable investment. Our photo-tooling can also be revised easily, quickly, and cost-efficiently.

Low Cost Modifications for Photochemical Etching

Quick, low cost tooling allows the designer to experiment with various designs and modifications at minimum cost. This freedom to experiment can also significantly reduce project time. Because photochemical etching, or photo chemical machining, is ideal for short runs, it is easy to implement improvements which result in a better end product.

Prototypes Through Production Runs for Precision Metal Parts

AME’s photochemical etching process allows flexibility in designing and producing precision piece parts. The tooling remains the same whether it’s for one part or a million. Company logos, part numbers or other identifying marks can be etched on parts at no extra cost. As a designer’s concept develops from prototype to pilot to full production, AME has the capabilities to produce the parts and quantities you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Metal Properties Remain Unchanged During Metal Etching Process

Whereas other machining methods can alter metal properties, the internal structure of the metal remains unchanged when using the photochemical etching process. The hardness, grain structure, and ductility of the metal is unaffected.

Burr Free Thin Metal Parts

AME produces finished thin metal parts without any burrs. Unlike photochemical etching, other processes often leave burrs that can interfere with the proper performance of the part. AME eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming de-burring.

Tight Tolerances Maintained During the Photoetching Process

AME can etch material thicknesses of .002" to .060" while maintaining tolerances. In some applications, photochemical etching increases accuracy over other methods. Our ability to achieve tight tolerances produces high precision metal parts that function with consistent precision.

Advanced Metal Etching Offers Fast Turn-Around

The elimination of mechanical tooling and its long lead time, plus the absence of surface burrs and de-burring requirements, speeds the process from design to actual part. AME’s ability to combine speed with quality delivers turn-around times that normally exceeds our customers’ expectations. Depending on material availability and the complexity of the project, normal turn-around time is two weeks or less, sometimes less than 24 hours.

AME Works With A Broad Range of Metals

We work with a broad range of metals including many types of alloys and exotic metals. We can photochemical etch stainless steel, beryllium copper, copper alloys, brass, nickel silver, alloy 42, kovar and many others.