We recognize that the automotive industry is constantly challenged to meet changing market demands and national product standards with a high priority on safety. AME is committed to supplying automotive industry product applications with high quality, precision, and quick delivery to help meet these standards. With AME Parts Now, we can often produce prototypes within 24 hours.

With over 20 years experience, expertise and partnership with reliable vendors, we have created long-lasting relationships with domestic and international clients and we look forward to building more.

Common Automotive Industry Product Applications

  • Electronic Connectors
  • Filtration (Oil Control Valve Filter)
  • Fuel Cell Frames
  • Fuel Cell Screens
  • Fuel Cell End Caps
  • Clutch Spring
  • Contacts
  • Spacer Washers
  • Filters for Fuel Injectors
  • Damper Shims
  • Encoder Disks
  • Heat Exchanger Plates
  • Lead & Covers
  • Name/Logo Tags
Automotive Industry Product Applications

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