15 Electronics Industry Magazines to follow

Online learning has really taken off during the current global health crisis. People are taking advantage of the unexpected downtime to nurture their personal and professional growth.  Resources are plentiful, and some online learning companies are offering courses for free or at reduced prices. While this is a great way to expand your knowledge, you don't have to enroll in classes to grow your skills.

Trade magazines have been around a long time and are a great way to gain insights about the latest industry news, products, and technologies.  The best part is that most are free, can be accessed online, and offer other types of resources such as webinars, supplier directories, job postings, market research, executive interviews, blogs, and white papers.

Below are 15 electronics industry magazine publications that design engineers, procurement specialists, and electronics manufacturers will find useful to make their jobs easier and to stay on top of the latest trends.

1. SMT Today

This publication, available in print and online, caters to OEMs, EMS companies, and executives. The global electronics industry news includes the latest technologies driving new products, interviews with executives at major electronics companies, and upcoming events such as symposiums and trade shows.  SMT Today also covers topics such as software, supply chain news, and projected market forecasts.

Highlighted Feature- Technology Today provides an inside look at a new electronic technology that is trending in a particular industry

2. Electronics Weekly

Electronics Weekly is an online information hub with a plethora of electronic offerings.  Menu items include the latest industry news including manufacturing, market research, design, products, events, and job postings.

Design engineers and purchasing departments will find new product development news, and a component supplier directory with useful price comparisons to make the buying process more efficient.

Highlighted Feature - EWTV is a resource of videos covering the latest product news, technology insights, and interviews with industry leaders.

3. EMS Now

EMS is a global source for the electronics manufacturing services industries with a focus on the automotive, computing, consumer, communications, industrial, and mil/aero markets. The publication targets OEMs, and EMS companies and PCB fabricators by providing an evolving news cycle of topics such as market trends, financial analysis, and solutions to problems within the industry.  Readers will find the daily breaking news relevant and informative.

Highlighted Feature - Articles and video content containing insights from consultants to industry leaders cover a broad range of topics from software, manufacturing, supply chain strategies, etc.

4. Electronic Product Magazine

A great resource for engineers and buyers looking for the latest electronic products and components.  Engineers will find the education center, downloads, white papers, and calculator tools useful.  Buyers will like how the menu is divided into component categories with a showcase of companies' latest product descriptions.  The "Product Teardown" section showcases the inside of the most popular consumer gadgets revealing a detailed list of components with brief descriptions.

Highlighted Feature -  The annual Editor's Choice awards for Product of the Year is given to companies whose products exibit excellence in technology, application performance, innovative design, and price.

5. ElectroPages

This global electronic industry platform delivers up to date news and new product development for buyers and design engineers. Some of the products represented include semiconductors, connectors, switches, lighting technologies, development boards, and test/ measurement devices representing the automotive technologies, power, and design manufacture markets.

Highlighted Feature - Comprehensive blog posts feature insights on how new technologies and products are electryfiying the electronics industry.

6. R&D World

R&D World offers technology news and insights on many topics for companies to consider in the research and development stage with a focus on 3D printing, AI/robotics, imaging, semiconductors, nanotechnology, and battery technology.  The publication also includes information in R&D management, testing, and regulations.

Highlighted Feature - The publication hosts an annual R&D awards program for up to 100 companies' most innovative products.

7. Electronics World

This publication caters to design engineers and developers in the electronics industry. The website design is well thought out with the user in mind. The articles and blogs are separated into the following categories: products, design, business, applications, and R&D.

Highlighted Feature -Readers will find the Q&A section, with some of the most prominent electronics industry leaders, insightful.

8. Digital Engineering Magazine

A great resource for engineering teams involved in new product designs and prototyping.  Along with the latest technology news and products, this resource aims to explore and identify problems in the design phase to help engineers optimize and speed up the product cycle time. The magazine's mission is to merge engineering practices with digital integration such as IoT, cloud computing, PLM, and data management.

Highlighted Feature - The free webinars and content downloads provide a great value to electronics professionals.

9. EDN

This technical publication defines itself as the "Voice of the Engineer". The content focuses on design elements, problems, and solutions in many industries including medical, power, 5G, automotive, communications, PCB, LEDs, sensors, and test & measurement.  There are plenty of blogs and design ideas as well to keep engineers interested.

Highlighted Feature -  Engineers will like the helpful articles for design ideas, and the Product Teardown section that reveals an interesting "under the hood" look inside selected products.

10. Electronic Design

Electronic Design is another resource for design engineers to learn about new technologies and to increase their knowledge in applications of electronic design.  Resources such as webinars, blogs, white papers aim to inform and educate.  The focus is on electronic design primarily in the automotive, and industrial automation industries.

Highlighted Feature - There are recurring articles included in the resource section that engineers will find engaging and useful.  Here are a few examples: "11 Myths About...", "What is the Difference Between?", "Don't Do it", and "Engineering Essentials".

11.  EE Times 

This global electronics resource provides all the latest industry news and perspectives for design engineers and EMS company executives. Featured industries include military/aero, AI, automotive, industrial automation, IoT, medical, PCB, analog/embedded electronics. Readers will find an analysis of new design developments and the effect they have on industry applications and markets.  The publication also offers links to online courses, tech papers, and webinars.

Highlighted Feature - EE Times hosts its own podcast called, EE Times On Air, featuring 30 minute stories about various topics in the electronics space for design engineers and tech professionals.

12. Fierce Electronics

An industry online magazine for design engineers providing industry news and product developments including data and product forecasts.  Engineers working in the medical, automotive, and industrial sectors will find the white papers, tutorials, videos, and webinars insightful.

Highlighted Feature - Looking for an event in the  electronics industry related to sensors, power management, or embedded and analog technologies?  Here you will find links to upcoming virtual events and conferences.

13. EBN Online

An online resource for buyers and manufacturing professionals in the electronics industry to converge and learn the best practices for achieving a more secure supply chain environment.   EBN offers tools, analysis, and best practice tips in the following areas:  supplier management and strategies, business procurement, demand/supply watch, outsourcing/insourcing, distribution, government regulations, etc.

Highlighted Feature -  Key sections include profiles and interviews with industry professionals, and an interesting library of infographics for those who prefer visuals.

14. Circuits Assembly

Circuits Assembly Magazine is the go-to resource for design engineers and manufacturers in the PCB and SMT industry. The editorial section covers everything from design, fab, and market news, to updated industry and product news.  Readers will find the contributions and white papers full of useful data and how new technologies and products impact the assembly process. Additional resources include links to podcasts, PCB industry events/workshops, market research data, and a directory of EMS providers and SMT equipment suppliers.

Highlighted Feature - The PCD&F (Printed Circuit Design & Fab) link explores topics geared toward design engineers including Printed Circuit Engineering Association News, a list the latest CAD/CAM/PCB software, and an interesting historical timeline of the PCB industry.

15. IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is an online magazine sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  Engineering topics include information from the following markets: aerospace, energy, AI, biomedical, computing, semiconductors, sensors, telecom, and transportation.  New technologies in green tech are also explored as well as new interesting gadgets.  There are plenty of blogs and even a geek life section to keep engineers engaged and entertained.

Highlighted Feature - The multimedia section contains podcasts, slideshows, 360 videos, and interactive charts and apps.


These magazines will keep you busy and on top of the latest industry trends. As an added benefit, some of the online publications offer links to print versions where you can access more articles or peruse the archives.  Many of these magazines have Twitter accounts, Facebook and Linkedin pages to promote user engagement.  Or, you can subscribe to their email lists if you prefer to receive news and updates to your inbox.  All of these resources provide excellent support to electronics engineers, buyers, executives, and manufacturers to achieve professional success and connect with others in the electronics manufacturing community.

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