Advanced Metal Etching Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to achieve excellence by improving quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and efficiency on a daily basis while maintaining competitive pricing and on time delivery of our precision metal parts. We recognize our employees as Advanced Metal Etching’s most valuable asset, and by consistently improving and reviewing our quality standards of the photo etching process, our employees can harness the joy of commitment, follow through, and excellence produced by their workmanship.

We provide 100% traceability from raw material stock to the final product. In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, we work closely with each customer to ensure we produce the parts according to exact specifications. Our employees are cross-trained in all phases of the metal etching production and multiple inspections take place throughout the entire process.


Another important step in the Quality Process is the final inspection.   We use the best methods and tools that determine if the parts are suitable for its intended industry application.  Our quality policy requires inspection for surface imperfections, smoothness, and metal and plating properties.  With the use of handheld calipers and digital equipment, we deliver a quick and accurate analysis of measurement data and tolerances.   All of these methods provide a comprehensive approach to our quality policy and determines the outcome of the photochemical machining process.

  • Digital Calipers and Micrometers
  • Dial Calipers and Micrometers
  • Plug Gages, Gage Blocks, and Depth Gages
  • MicroVu Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • X-ray Fluorescent Measuring Machine

Our comprehensive approach to the quality control process.

  • Certifications

    We are fully certified through ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR Compliant.

  • Audits

    We have multiple auditing processes using both internal and 3rd party services through Intertek.

  • Calibrations

    Calibrations to MicroVu, calipers, micrometers, pin gages, block gages, and any other equipment used for final inspection – annually due by July 31st.

  • Inspection

    Inspection of incoming material and receiving, operator in-process inspection and final inspection.

  • Documentation

    Controlled documentation procedures for process, instructions, planning, resources, training, and policies.

  • Actions

    We take corrective action responses that focus on continuous improvement.

  • Reporting

    Extensive reports including first article inspection, article inspection, PPAP submissions, CPK and final inspection results. Customer requests are also considered for submission capabilities.

  • Supplier

    Thorough evaluations and qualifications of purchasing.

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Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.