Industry Experience in automotive means understanding challenges, and having etching solutions.

Automotive Industry Parts Manufactured with Photo Etching and Laser Cutting

We recognize that the automotive industry is constantly challenged to meet changing market demands and national product standards with a high priority on safety. AME supplies automotive chemical etching services and laser cutting services with high quality, precision, and quick delivery of photo etched parts to help meet these standards.

Small features and unique designs such as the holes infiltration components are easy to manufacture quickly because of the repeatability in the photo etching process.  Whether it's one hole or a million, the parts remain burr-free and the cost is the same. 

Our half-etch capabilities on metal surfaces are what give fuel cell plates their unique design channels for fluid flow and heat exchange. 

Stainless steel is an excellent material choice for fuel cells and other automobile components because of its resistance to corrosion and excellent heat and electrical conductivity. 

Aluminum etched products are also in high demand as electric vehicle production increases because it provides efficient heat transfer parts for batteries and other engine systems.  And, with its high strength to low weight ratio, aluminum meets the requirements for lighter vehicles.

Photochemical machining and laser cutting is made with a  low-cost tooling that is easily modified which is perfect for quick prototyping.  We can often produce small-batch prototypes within 24 hours.

Through partnerships with reliable vendors, AME has long-standing domestic and international clients and we look forward to building more.

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Common Automotive Industry Parts

  • Electronic Connectors

  • Filtration (Oil Control Valve Filter)

  • Fuel Cell Frames

  • Fuel Cell Screens

  • Fuel Cell End Caps

  • Contacts

  • Flat Springs

  • Spacer Washers

  • Filters for Fuel Injectors

  • Damper Shims

  • Encoder Disks

  • Heat Exchanger Plates

  • Lead & Covers

  • Name/Logo Tags

  • Speaker Grills

Automotive Photo Etching


Advanced Metal Etching
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