Electronics Photo Etched Parts

In today’s world, electronics are more accessible than ever due to growing technology. The downside is that the increased demand can drive the market to produce cheaper quality products and components. The electronics industry chemically etched components must adhere to the highest quality despite quick turnaround times.

How can your product stand out? Partner with AME in design, production, and quality. We have over 25 years experience in the production of EMI, RFI Shielding components, and Board Level Shielding (BLS). We understand the types of etching techniques, metals and secondary finishes necessary for these product applications.  For instance, we added in-house tin and nickel flash plating and other value-added services to increase electrical conductivity, surface adhesion, solderability properties, and corrosion resistance depending on the type of plating. 

The photochemical machining process allows half etching on metal surfaces which are perfect for the secondary method of forming shielding components and connectors.  Another advantage of the etching process is the cost-effective repeatability of parts, such as a wire mesh that contains many holes or irregular shapes.  The cost is the same for one hole or a million and is manufactured quickly and burr-free compared to other processes.  

 The AME team with over 20 years of expertise and experience, has created long-lasting relationships with domestic and international clients and we look forward to building more.

Whether your needs include small to large runs, we can meet the challenge. We can often produce prototypes within 24 hours.

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Common Electronics Photo Etched Parts

  • Board Level Shielding (BLS)

  • Custom EMI/RFI Shielding Components

  • Contacts

  • Connectors 

  • Gaskets

  • Filters

  • Shims

  • Lead Frames

  • Bus Bars

  • Step Lids

  • Flat Springs

  • Encoder Disks

  • Semiconductor Cooling Plates

Photo etched EMI Shield
Photo etched EMI Shield


Advanced Metal Etching
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