Medical Photo Etching

When precision is of utmost importance, photo chemical etching is an excellent choice.

Medical Photo Etched Parts

The medical industry demands some of the highest standards for instruments and implants used to enhance patients’ health and safety.  Therefore, medical photo etched parts must be precise and adhere to strict tolerances.  We have the experience and knowledge in photo etching many types of medical parts. 

 The photochemical machining process is a favorable method for medical device components because it delivers excellent precision, and is a low-cost option for intricate designs, small holes, and irregular shapes in applications such as filters and sensor components. For these types of parts, you can save money when it is time to scale your products from the prototype phase to full production.  Read how we found solutions for a medical device development engineer in our photo etching case study.

Our fiber laser cutting services can often be combined with etching to achieve the lowest tolerances or features that can not be manufactured with one process alone.  When designing new prototypes, design collaboration with our manufacturing engineers is a way to maximize the manufacturing process by saving time and money.  

Chemically etched stainless steel components are common in many medical applications. Photo etching stainless steel provides a lower-cost metal alternative,  has excellent strength, and is easy to sanitize without altering the metal properties.  

With over 25 years of experience producing precision quality parts, AME not only has the capabilities to meet these industry standards but can offer medical photo etched parts quickly. Medical technology is constantly evolving and we can often produce your prototype within 24 hours.

Through partnerships with reliable vendors, AME has long-standing domestic and international clients and we look forward to building more.

Common Medical Photo Etched Parts

  • X-ray ID Tags

  • Anode and Cathode Grids for Batteries

  • Battery Contacts

  • Electrodes

  • Lead Frames

  • Board Level Shielding

  • Stents

  • Surgical Blade Blanks

  • Contact and Retention Springs

  • Electrical Interconnects

  • Filters

  • Flat Springs

  • Fluidic Circuit Plates

  • Screens For Filtration

  • Optical Encoder Disks

Medical Photo Etching


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