MicroelectronicsPhoto Etching

Intricate designs in small spaces for microelectronics manufacturing.

Microelectronics Photo Etching Components

Today’s consumer market is saturated with competition as improving technologies drive companies to quickly produce products to meet the demand for convenience, comfort, and safety.  In addition to these product features, electronic devices keep getting smallerelectronic devices keep getting smaller.  The trend in design miniaturization requires processes that are rapid and cost-effective for smaller metal components.

Chemical etching is an excellent process that can produce smaller, thinner, burr-free parts while maintaining low tolerances.

Whether a small part has simple or complex intricate design features, the photo etching process is more cost-effective than other methods due to its flexible tooling that can be made within hours and easily modified. The tooling is designed to yield as many pieces as possible on one sheet of metal. This repeatability method allows the parts to be chemically etched evenly, at the same time, for greater precision.   

We meet these needs by providing a faster turnaround of products without compromising quality so your products can get into the hands and homes of consumers quicker than your competition. Whether your needs include prototypes through large production runs, we can meet the challenge. We can often produce small-batch prototypes within 24 hours.

The AME team with over 25 years of expertise, experience, and partnerships with reliable vendors has created long-lasting relationships with domestic and international clients, and we look forward to building more

Common Microelectronics Photo Etched Parts

  • EMI/RFI Shielding

  • Connectors

  • Lead Frames

  • Masks

  • Flat Springs

  • Dials & Pointers

  • Circuit Testing Probe Components

  • Shielding Strips
  • Electrical Interconnects
  • Contacts
  • Shielded Air Filters
  • Sensor Components
  • Switch Contacts
rf shielding for microelectronic and rf applications like cell phones


Advanced Metal Etching
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