The increasing world population is driving advances in communication technology. The R/F Microwave Industry is keeping up with this growing demand by focusing on speed as the most crucial indicator of profitability.  The turnaround and quality of R/F Microwave industry product applications delivered to OEMs are vital factors for success.

AME has extensive experience in the production of EMI, RFI Shielding Components, and Board Level Shielding (BLS). We understand the types of metals and secondary finishes necessary for these product applications.  We have been meeting those challenges for over 20 years by decreasing turnaround time without compromising quality, whether the job consists of large orders, short runs or prototypes. With AME Parts Now, we can often produce your prototype within 24 hours.

The AME team with over 20 years of expertise, experience, and partnerships, has created long lasting relationships with domestic and international clients, and we look forward to building more.

Common R/F Microwave Industry Product Applications

  • EMI, RFI  Level Shielding Components
  • Board Level Shielding (BLS)
  • Custom Gaskets
  • Spring Fingers
  • Spacers
  • Shims
  • Flat Springs
R/F Microwave Industry Product Applications

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