Tooling is Produced Quickly And Easy To Modify

Low-cost tooling is the first step in the photochemical machining process. It is easy to produce and allows the designer to experiment with various designs at minimal cost. The tooling, or artwork, is the part’s design printed on a film. The design engineer determines how many parts the sheet will yield based on the dimensions. ¬†Photochemical etching tooling is only a fraction of the cost compared to conventional hard tooling, which makes it a cost and time-saving benefit.

With low-cost tooling, modifications are quick and easily implemented if necessary. This freedom to experiment can also significantly reduce project time. After a completed order, we store the tooling in-house for future production runs.

We at AME, understand this flexibility is necessary for the quality completion of your product. Let our 20+ years of experience in design and machining help you achieve your deadlines and goals.

Low-cost Tooling
Photochemical Etching Tooling Inspection

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