Photochemical Etching Capabilities: Prototype Through Large Production Runs

Photochemical etching capabilities produce different part quantities.  This is due to the flexibility of the tooling and machining process.  The tooling remains the same whether it’s for one part or a million.  Our capabilities provide a prototype to small, medium or large production runs. We can etch company logos, part numbers or other identifying marks at no extra cost. As a designer’s concept develops from prototype to pilot to full production, AME has the capabilities to produce the parts and quantities you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Whereas other machining methods can alter metal properties, the internal structure of the metal remains unchanged when using the photochemical etching process. The hardness, grain structure, and ductility of the metal are unaffected.

With over 20 years experience, we work with many types of parts in a variety of industries. Click on your industry to view our capabilities and learn how we can help.

Photochemical Machining Production Runs
Photochemical Etching Capabilities Produce Different Part Quantities

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