Our photochemical etching services assist at the design stage and continue until the customer is fully satisfied with the finished product. We want you to be happy, not only with the finished parts but with the entire process.  We are quick to answer questions at any stage in development and can modify if needed. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Technical Assistance

The photochemical machining process begins with experienced design engineers reviewing a part’s dimensions per customer drawing and then creating an AutoCAD rendition of the measurements in preparation for tooling. Our design engineer determines how many parts the sheet of metal can yield, and offers suggestions of how the part can be manufactured with the lowest tolerances within our machining capabilities. We have a broad knowledge of metals regarding thickness, temper, conductivity, formability, stress resistance, and its importance to an specific industry’s products.

Photochemical Etching Services

Customer Service

We have over 20 years experience in serving many industries both domestic and international. We cross-train our employees in all phases of production. Because of this knowledge and expertise, along with our order tracking software, we are equipped to assist you with any questions or modifications concerning your parts any stage in the production process.

Photochemical Machining Services Customer Service

AME Parts Now

Our photochemical etching services would not be complete without a fast turnaround.  With  AME PARTS NOW, we can often produce prototype parts in as little as 24 hours when expedited services are required. We understand that sometimes projects require tight deadlines, and therefore have processes in place to accommodate urgent orders.

Photochemical Machining Services Parts Now

Secondary Services Available

As part of our photochemical etching services, we offer secondary services for your convenience and to save you time. Our vendors have the highest-quality compliance standards in the business. Because of our long-standing partnerships, they provide quick turnaround services to reduce lead time.

In-house Plating:

Tin –  (bright and matte): Electro-tin plating is corrosion-resistant and conducive to solderability.

Nickel – Nickel plating is magnetic and resistant to heat, corrosion, and wear of the underlying base metal.

Outsourced Plating:

Gold – Its use in electronic products can increase conductivity and prevent corrosion.

Silver – With high electrical and thermal conductivity it is often substituted for gold to keep costs low and to decrease corrosion and increase strength. Options include a bright or matte finish.

Palladium – With comparable corrosion resistance to gold, Palladium costs less and is lighter.

Other Secondary Services Available:

Forming –  Our half-etch capabilities enable parts to be easily formed if required.

Passivation – It is effective in preventing corrosion of stainless steel products and can be critical to the part’s performance. Passivation is the removal of surface contamination on the metal. Our metal prep includes a passivation process prior to production.

Electropolishing –It is a method used to polish and passivate intricate metal surfaces that do not respond well to other methods. Typical applications include the removal of iron from stainless steel while enhancing the chromium/nickel content for superior surface smoothness.

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