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Quality Information
Do you have an accredited Quality System in place? If no, then please move on to the next section.

if so, please choose one of the following and return a copy of the current certificate with the survey.

Certificate Number
If you have an accredited quality system standard(s), you do NOT need to complete the rest of the survey, but please send a copy of your current certification along with this survey.
Non-Certification Quality Information
1. Is there a quality system?
Is it documented?
Is one in the process of being designed?
2. Does a Quality Manual exist?
Does it define responsible authorities and their effect on Quality?
3. Do you have a documented procedure for dealing with non conformities?
Are non conformities reviewed, analyzed, and communicated to Advanced Metal Etching?
Are written responses returned in an appropriate time frame?
4. Is there a Quality department?
Who do they report to?
5. Do you have documented and scheduled upper management meetings to review the quality effectiveness?
6. Do you review contracts at the time of acceptance?
Do you match purchase orders against the request for part numbers, material specs, or design?
7. Do you perform audits on your processes and procedures?
Are the audits documented for review?
8. Are there documented procedures and work instructions?
9. Do you have a documented procedure for calibration of measuring equipment?
Are calibration dates, issues, and re-calls documented?
Are calibrated devices traceable to national standards and is the verification on file?
10. Is purchased material inspected upon receipt?
Is the inspection documented?
11. Do you use SPC to monitor and control your process?
12. Are all products and materials inspected and documented prior to shipping?
13. Is your handling, packaging, and shipping adequate to preserve the quality during shipment?
Are you willing to meet a customer's packaging and shipping requirements if it is not part of your normal process?
14. Do you have a procedure for identifying and segregating nonconforming material/product?
Do you perform root cause analysis to resolve a nonconforming issue?
Do you perform corrective action to verify the resolution of a nonconformance?
15. Do you have a system to review current and revised document during your process?
Do you have a master list of documents and current revisions?
16. Do you rate your supplier's based on a performance level?
Would you welcome a representative from Advanced Metal Etching to perform an on-site visit?
17. Do you have a system to monitor Advanced Metal Etching's requests/orders?

AME will never sell or disclose any of the information provided.
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