High Precision Photo Chemical Etching

Reliably delivering high-quality precision metal etching services to customers for over 25 years.


About AME

Since 1993 Advanced Metal Etching (AME) has been providing exceptional quality in photo chemical etching, also known as photochemical machining, photo etching, metal etching, and photochemical milling.  We not only supply our customers with high-quality precision photo etched parts but use our 25 years of experience and knowledge to help our customers achieve their requirements. AME provides American made custom metal etching for a large range of industries and applications. If you need precision photo etching services, you can trust AME.

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Advanced Metal Etching design assistance consulting

Have technical questions and need to work out details? Our experienced team can help. We regularly assist customers with photo etching techniques for part designs to fully take advantage of our processes. We can explain tolerances, and suggest design modifications to provide the optimal etching solutions for your requirements.


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Production Ready

Using the photo chemical etching process, Advanced Metal Etching regularly supplies customers with small batches with rapid turn around for prototyping, as well as large production runs for high-quantity projects.  No matter the size or complexity of your project, we can adapt to suit your needs.

A Little About Photo Etching

Photo chemical etching is a manufacturing option suited well for thin metal parts, between .002" and .060". We can create parts with simple to extremely complex shapes. Photo etching is an ideal alternative to laser cutting or stamping because of tighter tolerances, and more precise control over part features. AME holds a variety of metals in stock such as Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Alloy 42, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver, Nickel, Kovar, Copper, and Phosphorus Bronze, and more.

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