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Precision is at the heat of measurement.

Benefits of Photo Etching Instrumentation Parts

Instrumentation products are necessary tools to measure the safety, control, and temperature, to name a few, in many different industries.

Good examples of cross-industry components that benefit from the photo etching process are filtration parts used to measure and control the flow of liquids, particles, gases, and light. These filtration components are part of larger systems in the medical, food, mechanical, and safety industries. 

Photochemically machining can produce conical holes with precision and low tolerances that allow for better control of liquids, gases, and particles with a more even flow than other manufacturing processes. Photo etching is the only process that can guarantee burr-free finishes void of material deformation. It is important that filter openings remain clear of metal obstructions that can disrupt the flow of substances.

For example, even the slightest imperfection in a smoke detector filter can block the flow of tiny solid, liquid and gas particles that can compromise the performance of the product and ultimately, the safety of others. 

Because each hole or slot is etched simultaneously, the surfaces remain even, smooth and with low tolerances.  And, it is the most cost-effective option for such components because there is no extra cost per opening.  Manufacturing filtration devices with chemical etching are more efficient than other processes and offer reduced lead-times.

The AME team with over 25 years of expertise, experience and partnerships with reliable vendors has created long-lasting relationships with domestic and international customers and we look forward to building more.

Photo etched screen
Photo Etched filtration part

Common Instrumentation Industry Photo Etched Parts

  • Apertures

  • Fluidic Channels

  • Gas Filtration

  • Light Filtration

  • Liquid Filtration

  • Masks

  • Spacers

  • Mesh

  • Dials & Pointers

  • EMI/RFI Shields

  • Pin Holes (fluids, gasses, light)

  • Spring Contacts

  • Sensors

  • Interconnects

Instrumentation Photo Chemical Etching


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