Advanced Metal Etching examples of photo chemically etched parts with tight tolerances

New Website Features

As we move well into 2017, it is time for a new look and vision.  Technology is racing at a fast pace, and we want to go along with it to give our customers what they need to move forward.  We are always looking for ways to improve our photochemical etching process, our quality standards, and building old and new relationships with manufacturing partners.

So far, 2017 has been very productive as we recently received our ISO 9001:2015 Certification attended the PCMI convention in Chicago and the Design Part 2 Trade Show in Schaumburg, Il.  And now, we are thrilled to present our new website features and design with a customer-centered focus.  We want to provide users with easy navigation, numerous ways to make contact, informational content about our services, and relevant news and solutions to industry challenges.  Here are some of the contemporary website features we thought was important to include.

Striking Visuals

What better way to showcase our photochemically etched parts than with vividly detailed images.  We added a viewing feature that will allow users to zoom in on the parts. This viewing option reveals the precision in the photochemical machining process and is an example of our process capabilities such as quality burr-free parts with tight tolerances.  Additional pictures of our plant and processes in detail are like a window into who we are and what we do.

Industry Specific Products

We provide quality photo etched products to OEMs in a variety of industries. Each industry page lists the most typical product applications available within our capabilities.  No more guessing if our services will fit your needs. Of course, if a product isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it. We are a custom manufacturer with experience in simple or complex designs.  If you are not sure, request a quote or click on Live Chat.

Blog Posts

We now have a Blog that will feature noteworthy news and articles.  Whether it be announcements about improvements in our products and services or informational articles about industry challenges, it will serve its purpose to help customers find solutions to problems.  Our goal for the blog is to enhance your success with relevant industry information, instead of continuously promoting our products and services.  We regard our customers as partners in success.  We encourage comments on all of our blog posts and hope you subscribe to our email newsletters.

Take a look at the new website features and tell us what you think!  Please contact us for your precision photochemical etching needs.

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