Supply Chain Security

Internal processes and effective vendor partnerships to meet demands and eliminate risk.

Our mission is to build trust with all our customers.  Supplier insecurity leads to disruptions in the manufacturing process that can damage a brand's reputation. Whether it's a natural disaster, virus outbreak, trade conflicts, or financial incompetence, suppliers need to adapt and react swiftly to mitigate risk. 

We at Advanced Metal Etching follow industry forecasts and possible disruptions to ensure we have the photo etching capacity for demand fluctuations. Our goal is to protect your brand. For this reason, we developed internal processes such as strong supplier qualifications, transparency, rapid response, collaboration, corrective actions, and flexible scheduling to meet your requirements.

Value-Driven Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Partnerships

  • Long-standing partnerships with qualified vendors
  • Constant collaboration with our vendors on how to resolve issues quickly including facility visits and audits
  • Shared forecasts of customer product demands.
  • Multiple suppliers in different geographical regions.
  • Inspections of incoming materials
  • RoHS and DFARS compliant metals to ensure quality and 100% traceability from raw material stock to the final product.

Responsive & Flexible Supply Chain

  • AME Parts Now program for expedited orders of prototypes and smaller quantities.
  • Operational capabilities and scheduling for prototype to large volume production
  • In-house matte tin, bright tin and nickel flash plating to reduce the cycle time for electronic components.
  • Custom software for faster quoting, production scheduling and order tracking
  • Cross-trained employees to respond faster to customer inquires
  • Daily department management meetings to coordinate objectives and expedite solutions
  • Agile corrective action responses that focus on continuous improvement.

Supplier Transparency

  • Extensive reports including first article inspection, article inspection, PPAP submissions, CPK and final inspection results.
  • Rapid response and updates for quotes, purchase orders, and shipment date confirmations.
  • Supplier documentation and raw material certifications
  • Tooling storage for the entire part's life cycle
  • Completed parts stocked at customer's request

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Quality Policy is to achieve excellence by improving quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and efficiency on a daily basis while maintaining competitive pricing and on-time delivery of our precision metal parts. We recognize our employees as Advanced Metal Etching’s most valuable asset, and by consistently improving and reviewing our quality standards of the photo etching process, our employees can harness the joy of commitment, follow-through, and excellence produced by their workmanship.

We provide 100% traceability from raw material stock to the final product. In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, we work closely with each customer to ensure we produce the parts according to exact specifications. Our employees are cross-trained in all phases of the metal etching production and multiple inspections take place throughout the entire process.

Advanced Metal Etching
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