Our Capabilities

Photo Etched Precision Metal Parts

Precision photo chemical machining and photo etching capabilities for precision metal parts.

Advanced Metal Etching serves any industry that requires photo etched precision metal parts. Some of the industries we serve include electronics, computer, medical equipment, aerospace, defense, communications, metal stamping, appliance manufacturing, automotive, and many others. Our precision photochemical machining capabilities, along with our ability to respond quickly, provide innovative solutions to corporations worldwide.

Service List

  •   Actuator Springs
  •   Antennas
  •   Battery Tabs / Tags / Contacts
  •   Board Level Shielding (BLS)
  •   Brackets, Washers
  •   Circuit Board Stiffeners
  •   Contacts
  •   Diaphragms
  •   Electrical Connectors
  •   EMI / RFI Shielding
  •   Encoder Disks
  •   Filters, Screens, Sieves
  •   Flat Springs, Lead Frames
  •   Grills, Grids, Sieves, Meshes
  •   Heat Sinks
  •   Shims, Spacers
  •   Signs, Plaques, Nameplates