Photochemical Machining Provides Parts With Burr-Free Tight Tolerances Compared To Other Processes

AME through photochemical etching can produce parts with burr-free tight tolerances. Other processes often leave burrs (a raised edge) that can interfere with the proper performance of the part. The acid dissolves the metal surrounding the part as opposed to stamping with metal tooling.  The result is precision edges and tighter tolerances.  AME eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming deburring.

We can photochemically etch material thicknesses of .002″ to .060″ while maintaining tight tolerances.  Our ability to achieve tight tolerances produces high precision metal parts that function with consistent accuracy.

The elimination of mechanical tooling and its long lead time, plus the absence of surface burrs and deburring requirements, speeds the process from design to the actual part. AME’s ability to combine speed with quality minimizes turnaround times to meet our customer deadlines. Depending on material availability and the complexity of the project, standard turnaround time is two weeks or less.

Advanced Metal Etching understands that sometimes projects require a faster turnaround. With AME PARTS NOW, we can often produce prototype parts in as little as 24 hours.

With our capabilities, experience, and long-standing customer relationships, we can make your job easier.

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